Capsule Encoding


Users upload photos, messages and whatever they want included in their capsules. Next, the capsules are organized into launch groups. All capsules are then stored at a secure server location ready for the 2020 launch. 

Remote Deployment

Prior to the 2020 launch we will be deploying remote teams to set up ground based transmission stations all over the world.  We plan to position teams in remote locations of Brazil, France, South Africa, Indonesia, Japan and the US.

The more funding we get the more ground stations we can deploy. The goal is to make this the biggest mass launch ever.


Satellite Encryption

The ground stations then beam up to geo-synchronous satellites in orbit to verify transmission and to aid in calculating trajectories. Server Pings from the ground stations to the Satellites and back are then encrypted with block chain technology to provide an unbiased account of a successful launch.

InterStellar Tracking

Using the satellite data we can then track all the Star Capsules as they enter interstellar space. The capsules leave our solar system 14 hours after launch. Within 21 hours of the launch the Star Capsules surpass the distance of the Voyager I spacecraft. Voyager I has been traveling at 40,000 miles per hour for over 40 years.