What is Star Capsule?

Digital Space Capsules

Star Capsule is a technology that allows for the digitizing of photos and messages that are uploaded to satellites orbiting the earth and then launched into space. 

The resulting electromagnetic energy becomes a time capsule that will continue traveling through space for thousands of years after we're all gone.

Projecting Love into the Universe

What kinds of photos or messages can you load in a Star Capsule? Anything you want! 

Most people use their Star Capsule to honor something they feel passionate about. It could be the birth of a child, the passing of a loved one or finding your one true love. 

The idea is that your capsule will continue to travel through space as a tribute to something very special to you and the people you love.

Projecting Love on Earth

In addition to sending love into the universe, your support of StarCapsule.org also sends love into our communities here on earth. 

Your donation to StarCapsule.org supports community outreach to help in worthwhile causes. Let us know your ideas on where we can help.


Donate Now

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The first group launch is scheduled for October 2020. With your help we can make it a huge success.  We are planning scheduled launches after that but there's only one chance to make history and be a part of the first ever Star Capsule group launch!

So far there have been four test launches. Each launch was a single capsule to prove out the technology. We are currently building out the platform to allow for a massive launch with thousands of capsules leaving the earth to travel through the universe.   

We need you to help make it happen!