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Here's What You Get

In addition to being able to send your message into space you will also receive these items:

  • Star map to track your Capsule through space
  • Planetary guide for Our Solar System
  • Launch ticket for the 2020 Capsule Launch
  • Free Membership in Star Command
  • A Link to upload you mesage and photo into your Star Command

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What is Star Command?

How it Works

When you upload information for your Star Command it is converted into electromagnetic energy in the form of radio waves. This energey is then beamed up to a satellite and out into space.

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Group Membership

The Star Command project is just one of several out of this worlds projects. As a group member you will be able to participate in all of our group projects. Together we will be building something quite amazing.

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Make a Loving Tribute

You are welcome to load your Star Command with what ever you want. Most people choose to load their Star Command with something of significance. Often it's a loving tribute to honor someone special to them.

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"This is a great gift for my son. He loves outer space and this gives him a chance to be a part of it!"

-Kate M.

I love getting to be a part of the group. It feels amazing knowing that I’m a part of something that has such an impact on the future of our youth."

-Ron B.

"I chose to dedicate my Star Command to the birth of our son. I love the idea that a tribute to him will be traveling through the cosmos and into eternity."

-Angie S.


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